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Q: 7 Years Negative HIV Test, Am I Free Now?

Q: So is that mean hiv antibodies still in blood forever ? Cause i tested four times (after 7 years from possible exposure) and the results came negative .. so is that confirm im free from hiv ? A: HIV Antibodies are the protective substances that released by our immune system to fight HIV, and therefore don’t worry if they appear forever, it’s your immunity that are awaken. Negative HIV means either:
  1. No HIV virus ever entered.
  2. Latent period: Active virus but there’re no symptoms, fortunately it won’t wait for long time to show symptoms.

Q: Is There Any Alternative to HIV Blood Test?

Q: Please I am desperate. I come from a place where HIV testing is taboo. can it be diagnosed by a normal blood test that counts the cells in bones? I am going crazy please tell me?!

A: HIV can’t appear in blood cell test, HIV 0,1,2 test is the best one for detection of AIDS virus.

However, CBC test can show a decrease in white blood cells when AIDS disease s ongoing.

For more details>The CDC recommends these blood tests.

  1. HIV 0,1,2 antibodies test: it can detect HIV as soon as 20 days earlier than antibody screening tests.
  2. HIV Ag Test: it checks for HIV antigen, a protein called p24 that’s part of the virus that shows up 2-4 weeks after infection.

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