What is At Home Abortions and Self-Induced Abortion?

Abortion facts

Abortion facts and statistics 

abortions they’re a very controversial subject as a matter of fact they make us
ask very personal and ethical questions but did you know that the feminist
women’s health center states that any teenager not using contraception will
have a 90 percent chance of becoming pregnant within a year and believe it or
not one-third of them will have an

this is FTD FAQs where we give you facts on everything and today we’re talking

I’m curious what are your thoughts on abortion feel
free to write whatever you think and
feel down there in the comments belowso based off that previous fact they
state that 35 percent of teenagers have abortions and according to the National
Abortion Federation more than half of those numbers are

all woman under the ages of 25 in the 1980s forty three of a
thousand females ages 15 to 19 were having abortions however if we go back
in time to 2010 well it’s dropped significantly only 15
out of a thousand females are having abortions and since 1993 in the United
States the amount of abortions have dropped significantly white teens
dropped 74 percent sixty three percent
for Hispanic teens and as for the color teens while they dropped a whole 57
percent in 2001 1.06 abortions happened
in the United States however let’s look at 2008 that was one point two 1 million
abortions in that same year of 2011 72 percent of abortions were performed on
unmarried woman that’s kind of a no-brainer right now abortions have actually had a very in-depth history but the modern way of abortions were created
in 1971 by Lorraine Rothman and Carol downer their first device was the del M, this was a suction device that allowed people with minimal training to do a
menstrual extraction now you may wonder what were the first countries to make abortion legal surprisingly enough.

it wasn’t until 1938 for Sweden with Iceland a few years earlier in 1935 but oddly enough in the modern world it was
the Soviet Union that did it in 1919 they did it for absolutely
no cost in a safe environment with doctors however it became illegal again
in 1936 when Joseph Stalin became quite concerned about population growth and by
concerned he knew that they needed more
people I guess that’s because he smells a war coming the other first time abortion was recorded to be outlawed was
under the English legislation sections 1 & 2 under the malicious shooting or
stabbing Act of 1803 it stated that
there was an offence for anybody giving or performing a cause of an abortion and
the penalty was death

now okay abortions have been advertised
but what was the first real advertisement well the first one was the
Beecham pills these were marketed as a
laxative around 1842 created by Thomas Beecham from st. Helens Lakha sure
they’re basically pills filled with aloe
ginger and of course soap boom Thomas Beecham spent 22 thousand to 95 thousand
pounds on advertisements just so you
guys know that was a lot of money at the time and these advertisements had to be
suggestive because remember it was legal
around that time one of the
advertisement stated assisting nature in her wondrous functions believe it or not
the first time a abortion was described
was from the Ebers papayas in 1550 BCE it was suggested that an abortion could
happen with a plant fiber tampon did you
know that in the Bible it does not actually mention anything about
abortions however at the time they do no
Egyptians and Romans did practice it that I don’t know where it came from but
it is a fact since the 1980s over 1 billion 354 million eight hundred and
fifty-nine 700 abortions have happened
worldwide and it goes up every day but if we are breaking that down according
to the whu-oh every year there is an
estimated 40 to 50 million abortions that makes 125,000 abortions happening
daily in Poland there’s a town called Slovak now it’s near a river called
river oderand this separates Poland from Germany
in Germany it’s legal to have an abortion but in Poland it’s not really
allowed so on June 27th 2015 Germans sent over abortion pills via
drone I guess you could say they’re
invading Poland again but this time it’s for women’s rights
now abortions sometimes happen for
saving the mother but that only happens about 1% of the time in 1929 the infant
life Preservation Act was passed in Britain this allowed any abortion to happen if the mother needed to be saved
if this video was 1 minute long there
would have been 79 abortions that have happened while you watched it according
to the good matcher Institute in 2008 47,000 people died from unsafe abortions remember be with a doctor one of the
most showcases on abortion was when Joan
malison from Britain was referred it to
a pregnant 14 year old rape victim the
gynecologist Alex bourbon while he was charged for
performing an illegal abortion and at
that point the court decided that doctors could no longer be persecuted
where pregnancy could cause mental or
physical wreck it’s been recorded that 26 percent of abortions happen in under
six weeks and ninety point nine percent
of all abortions we’re done by the use of a curettage and for the final fact
guys according to the United Nations and
the International Planned Parenthood Federation most countries gestational
limit is somewhere around 12 weeks for the one with the longest is Cyprus and guess what you can be 28 weeks pregnant insane so anyways guys that is our fax
for you on abortion whether or not you’re Pro it or against it those are
some facts you should take to hearts.

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