What is At Home Abortions and Self-Induced Abortion?

how much is an abortion?

How much is an abortion?

Don’t listen to these people. It totally up to you. I had one. It cost about $800. I do wish I could have avoided it. I was 16. Although…I have a beautiful daughter now. I love her. If I didn’t have an abortion then. I would not have my little girl now. things happen for a reason

well, because your so early on there is this over the counter drug you can take that will make your uterus contract and terminate your pregnancy. it is usually used to get rid of ulcers i believe. it is prescription so you have to have your gynecologist prescribe it for you but its better to get it through them because they can let you know how to use it exactly.its called misoprostol,

it is most commonly used with the abortion pill (which is also a method u can consider this early on, its much more expensive though, like $500-$800) but if used early enough in pregnancy(between 2 & 8 weeks) it can be used by itself. The good news about this drug is it’s cheap (it will run you about ten bucks), the bad news is its only 50%-70% affective, and if it doesn’t work it can leave your child with major deformities.but, seriously on a real note adoption is so much better for the child, have you given that any thought yet, just trying to help.

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