What is a Marijuana Blood Test? and Urine Test?

Because some do not consider them abuse drugs and therefore not considered to be addictive, we find that a large proportion of people suffer from a lot of diseases because of the use of the product of this plant, called cannabis.

THC, the main psychoactive in cannabis, is present in the blood for about 4 to 12 hours post-consumption. If you’re a heavy user, THC might hang out in your bloodstream for up to a few days.

How does cannabis stay in blood?

The survival of cannabis in the blood is determined by laboratory analysis of the blood sample of the addict.
This test is what can reveal the duration of survival or end of cannabis in the blood.

Which is more accurate, marijuana blood test or urine cannabis test ?

The blood analysis is the best in detecting the survival of cannabis in the blood, which is the best testing route to detect cannabis users official tests by the government agencies and employers.

The test of marijuana cannabis in the blood is better than the urine test, which can be circumvented, cheated, and escaped by the addict.

There are many negative effects that include:

Lack of interest in doing business
Dispersion of focus and weakness in memory
Lung cancer
Infertility in both genders and acute ED
The risk of neonatal injury with retardation and mental retardation of mothers using cannabis and marijuana.

Chart for Drug Test Detection Times for Marijuana THC

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