What is MPV Blood Test? Mean Platelets Volume Explained

MPV is a medical term for mean platelets volume, mean platelet volume is a value in the CBC blood test to determine the estimated average size of platelets. but Why doctors use MPV blood test?
As the average size of platelets is larger when the body is producing more platelets, the MPV test results can be used as a clue to platelet production in bone marrow or platelet destruction problems due to any reason.

MPV normal range:

A typical range of platelet volumes is 9.7–12.8 fL, which is equivalent to spheres 2.65 to 2.9 µm in diameter. Normal range is given as 7.5-11.5 fL
fL means femtolitre, a measurement unit.
Normal MPV reference ranges may differ physiologically due to pregnancy and new birth.
Each laboratory should define a distinctive reference range for specific age and sex.
Take a look: all reference ranges for CBC blood test.

What does normal MPV means?

Normal MPV levels means that platelets average size is ok, platelets production and destruction don’t show any disturbances, however MPV should be interpreted with consideration of other complete blood count values.

What does low MPV test means?

A low Mean platelets volume suggests a problem in platelet production by bone marrow such as:

  • Thrombocytopenia (low Platelets) due to impaired production which is seen in aplastic anemia.
  • Low MPV correlate with abnormally reduced platelet size
  • Low MPV count may be a symptom of Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome which caused by a genetic mutation of the WAS gene.

What does high MPV means?

A high MPV value may indicate increased platelets destruction.
MPV is higher when there is destruction of platelets which may be seen in diseases such as:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
  • Mmyeloproliferative diseases
  • Bernard-Soulier syndrome.
    MPV may be related to pre-eclampsia, and when recovery from, transient hypoplasia.

False MPV results:

There are situations can lead to incorrect MPV estimation, improper handling and processing of your blood sample can lead to destruction of platelets, clotting the blood sample may result from prolonged tourniquet pressure during sampling and leads to destruction or clumping platelets, low EDTA in sample tube may result in low MPV falsely, fragments or debris in sample tube or blood sample may show invalid high MPV count.

To correct erroneous MPV results: deal with medical laboratory which has a good reputation and expertise crew.

MPV blood test is a part of complete blood count, have a CBC blood test?, Get Free interpretation here>


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