I went to my dr. today concerning my blood sugar?

How many vials of blood did the nurse draw? Oh, well, the testing on the insulin quantity will tell them enough.

I recommend you eat a very low carb food plan. No breads, cereals, rices, potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, dried beans, or soft sweet fruits.

See if that doesn’t help. It works for my sister who is Hypoglycemic and it works for me who is Hyperglycemic.

we eat mostly a 3 oz serving of some kind of meat and a large dark green leafy salad with tomatoes and other green garden things.

I have had to recently give up my milk and milk products as they create havoc with my fasting numbers. I used to have a glass of milk before bed with my snackies.

If you hadn’t said you can’t change doctors because of the insurance I would urge you do do so. Any time you think the doctor isn’t listening he probably isn’t!! Maybe you have to throw a tantrum???

Your symptoms sound a lot like being very hypo.

So try my food plan ideas for a while and see if it doesn’t help. Eat like every 3 waking hours just a little. Cheese is good food!!!


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