How will health care be affected by legalizing marijuana?

Q. Hey everyone. I need help on answering this question: How will health care access, cost, and quality be affected by the passage or defeat of a bill legalizing marijuana. The bill is AB 390, but i just need some answers on the affect of health care by legalizing marijuana or not. I’ve done some research but I need a little more. Thanks.

A. VIDEO: Legalizing Marijuana: Times They Are A-Changin’ – George’s …
25 Oct 2009 … taxing marijuana could be a way to pay for health care. … How will we legalize that? This is a bad thing for the government to throw up …

Do you know the difference between health care and health care coverage?

Q. I see a lot of posts on here saying that we have the best health care in the world and the evidence is that people come here from other countries to get care. I agree that we have the best health CARE in the world.

What is being discussed is health care coverage, not health care. That is, the way health care is paid for.

Do you understand the difference?


Yes. If you have unlimited resources as an American you have the best health care in the world. If you are an ordinary citizen you simply don’t. Even the average health care plan generally does not cover the basics like European systems do. All too often Americans find out just how under insured they are when sickness strikes.–Trends-Among-U-S–Adults–2003-and-2007.aspx

That’s important because when those people are lucky enough to stay healthy they will never see a problem whatsoever just as their fellow countrymen were just fine with their coverage before tradgedy happened.

This is the same thing as with the standard of living. Americans have a higher income on average than Americans but more detailed data shows it’s the top 1 percent income earners that’s responsible for the whole difference. Middle clas an poor Americans are much worse of than their European counterparts

That’s ultimately what it is about

Are there provisions in the health care bill that will actually reduce health care costs?

Q. Health care now costs 16 percent of our GNP. What will be the effect on this percentage if Obama’s health care bill is passed?

A. The CBO says it will add to health care costs. They are nonpartisan and have studied the health care plan. That is why it will hopefully be defeated.

How much is the Health care reform going to cost and where are they planning to get the money?

Q. How much is the Health care reform going to cost and where are they planning to get the money in order to fund this reform? and what can you forecast about this reform…do you think this reform actually going to help many people?


No one knows how much it’s going to cost. How are they going to get the money? They will raise taxes on some people, and print money for the rest. That will lead to inflation.

As to who it will help, ME, I hope. Our health insurance premiums went up 23% in January (group, not individual). Our health premiums now take 35% of our income. do you think this is fair? We have worked for 35 years, and this is our reward. Why shouldn’t all Americans have access to health care without going broke?

It was intended to help everyone without health insurance, but it won’t because political pressures meant they couldn’t go thru with the public option. My state is now suing the Federal govt (although the state is broke) saying it’s unconstitutional to have to buy health insurance. We have to purchase auto insurance to drive, we have to have homeowners insurance to buy a house, why shouldn’t we have to buy health insurance?

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