How Much Does Blood Test Cost In 2017?


On August 15, 2014, an article published by TIME Magazine online features the one particular issue that has plagued Obama Administration – health care. The specific topic of the editorial discusses the controversial nuances behind the cost disparity of diagnostic tests. Ordinarily, the regular working-class Americans have a good idea on where to get the best deals out of the usual consumer goods like a box of breakfast cereal, a pound of steak, a pair of running shoes or a leather jacket. But when it comes to getting a good deal out of the blood test cost, the task is as complicated as doctorate calculus.

The same report is also published by the news website The Guardian on March 4, 2014, emphasizing the advantages of choosing the public option over the so-called Obama Care. In essence, the complexity regarding the ‘qualifying conditions’ posed by health insurance policies compounds the difficulty of trying to know how much exactly patients would be paying. Several reports even describe figures as extremely exorbitant as $10,000 for simple diagnostic blood work.

Average Cost Estimate

When it really comes down to blood work cost, there are two ways to look at the national expenses prospective patients must pay. Considering that a patient has qualified for his or her own health insurance plan, the national median coinsurance coverage is around 10% to 50% of the projected out-of-pocket fee bracket. Some patients who are cleared for co-pays will only be paying $0 to $30.

Patients without insurance roughly entail a national average fee ranging between $100 and $3,000. It is important to take note that the wide cost gap would largely depend on the number of blood tests a doctor requires to diagnose the disease. Multiple panel diagnostic blood work is charged per individual type of test done. The lowest average fee may qualify for as much as 50% discount in some hospitals even without insurance.

4 Different Types Of Blood Test

In order for patients to at least have a useful knowledge of determining the exact blood test cost, he or she must know the different types of blood tests prescribed by doctors. Ordinarily, patients simply leave it to the judgment of their physicians and comply with the recommendation.

Knowing the type of blood test enables patients to keep track of the total hospital bill for diagnostics alone. This may provide patients the option to waive blood testing at an incumbent health center and choose a more viable laboratory instead.

As stated in the previous part of the article, it is possible for examining physicians to prescribe more than one category of these blood tests to determine a more comprehensive analysis of the patient’s condition, especially in high-risk cases. These are the types of blood test and their costs, as highlighted by Compass Professional Health Services:


Average Cost: $150

Complete blood count (CBC) is a diagnostic test prescribed by physicians in order to have a clearer perspective of the extent of infection or trauma. Doctors are looking for an imbalance in terms of the volume limit for red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. A basic indicator of infection is manifested by the increase of white blood cells. Certain diseases are also identified with the decrease of red blood cells.

Chem 7

Average Cost: $100

Also known as BMP exam, this type of blood test screens three crucial areas of the blood chemistry. Doctors ordering the Chem 7 tests are keeping an eye at the electrolyte level, kidney function, and blood glucose. This type of blood test is a preliminary step to detecting maladies in the internal system such as diabetes, nephritis (kidney inflammation), and hypertension among others.

Chem 12

Average Cost: $250

In terms of the national median estimate, the usual blood test cost for Chem 12 is significantly higher compared to other categories. Essentially, the CMP blood test is a more extensive version of the BMP exam since it includes the liver function. Due largely in part of the expensive fee, most patients would simply opt for Chem 7 coverage.

Lipid Panel

Average Cost: $200

The objective of the Lipid Panel test is for doctors to verify the cholesterol count inside the patient’s blood chemistry. This test is crucial in determining a wide range of illnesses resulting from increased bad cholesterol such as congenital and acquired heart diseases. Like CBC, Lipid Panel test is universally prescribed in annual checkups (especially for employment purposes).

US-based Discount Labs

Considering the enormity of out-of-pocket blood work cost and the complicated criteria for qualifying health coverage plans, one of the most viable options for undertaking necessary blood tests is to seek low-cost laboratories. Several options are available via the internet search engine. These are among the top selections immediately featured online:


PersonaLabs has been operating as a user-friendly online reference for over 10 years. This website directory features 2,300 cheap blood test clinics in all 50 states. The usual average rate for each single type of blood test is somewhere around $40 to $70. The lowest cost starts at $30.

This service requires patients to print a doctor’s order. Test results are available in 2 days. One of the key advantages of this directory is that prospective patients can easily access the direct customer service line for further assistance. This service provider has four basic categories, namely: Men, Women, Allergies, and STD’s.


EconoLabs have a total of 4,000 locations across the United States. One of the best features of this online directory is that it guarantees a total of 80% savings in terms of the overall blood work cost. This service provider does not require a doctor’s orders, a comparative advantage most prospective patients would enjoy considering the option of maintaining total anonymity. Bypassing a doctor’s order also ensures a faster streamline of blood work service.

This service provider also has four basic service categories. The Annual Checkup Panel caters to all types of patients requiring the necessary yearly workup. STD Testing entails either a 6-panel or 10-panel examination. Thyroid Screen Test is designed for ruling out cancer in patients. Lastly, the special MMA Panel is designed to screen professional fighters, as required by the local or national sports commission.


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