What Does Fecal Occult Blood Test Mean and How accurate are the FOBT results to Detect Colon cancers from other bleeding sources.

Fecal occult blood (FOB) refers to blood in the feces that is not visibly apparent (unlike other types of blood in stool such as melena or hematochezia). A fecal occult blood test (FOBT) checks for hidden (occult) blood in the stool (feces).

Positive Fecal Occult Blood Test Meaning

For the guaiac-based FOBT, a positive fecal occult blood test result indicates that abnormal bleeding is occurring somewhere in the digestive tract. This blood loss could be due to:

  • ulcers,
  • diverticulosis,
  • polyps,
  • inflammatory bowel disease,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • blood swallowed due to bleeding gums or nosebleeds,
  • Benign or cancerous tumors.

Negative FOBT Results Meaning

A fecal occult blood test is considered negative if no blood is detected in your stool samples. If you had the test to screen for colon cancer and you’re at average risk — you have no colon cancer risk factors other than age — your doctor may recommend waiting one year and then repeating the test. Positive result.


One test called (stool DNA, or sDNA), This test looks for blood and abnormal DNA in the stool that may indicate the presence of colon cancer. If the test is positive, you will need a colonoscopy to remove any cancer or polyps. The high-sensitivity fecal occult blood tests FOBT, include the sensitive guaiac test and FIT.

Occult blood in the stool may indicate colon cancer or polyps in the colon or rectum — though not all cancers or polyps bleed. Typically, occult blood is passed in such small amounts that it can be detected only through the chemicals used in a fecal occult blood test. What can Liquid Bloody Stool detect?

Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) Results. A positive FOBT result does not necessarily mean you have cancer. FOBTs do not detect cancer. … The presence of blood may be due to conditions other than cancer, such as polyps, haemorrhoids, or inflammation of the bowel,but the cause of the bleeding needs to be investigated.

Test Procedures for Medical Labs

after performing hand hygiene and
ensuring privacy introduce yourself to
the patient then identify her using two
identifiers coming your name and
birthday hillary Connor 11 27 53 okay
so I need to get a stool sample from use
in the morning okay
so over here on the bedside commode I
have a hat in there to collect the
sample so it doesn't push your call
light and let me know whenever you have
a sample ready that'd be great okay okay
I'll be back all right to perform a
fecal occult blood test begin by
applying clean gloves open the flap of
the hemoccult slide use the tip of a
wooden applicator to obtain a small
specimen and apply a thin smear of the
specimen to the paper in the first box
obtain a second specimen from a
different portion of the stool and apply
a thin smear to the second box on the
slide close the cover and turn the slide
over this will allow the developing
solution to penetrate the fecal specimen
when you apply it open the cardboard
flap and apply two drops of hemoccult
developing solution to each box
then add one drop of solution to the
verifying area on the testing package
wait 30 to 60 seconds and check the
slide for color change a bluish
discoloration is said to be guaiac
positive indicating the presence of a
cold blood the test is considered to be
negative indicating that no blood is
present in the sample
if the guaiac paper does not change
color when you are finished reading the
test results wrap the slide and the
wooden applicator in a paper towel
remove your gloves making sure to pull
the glove over the supplies then dispose
of them in the proper receptacles and
perform hand hygiene as part of your
follow-up care record the results of the
test including a description of the
stool characteristics report a positive
test result to the patient's health care
provider. Remember, Blood in urine meaning

At Home FOB Test

we can gradually chew on your decision
to take the fecal occult blood test we
congratulate you on your decision to
take these measures to try to stay
healthy and to live your life to the
fullest this is for the benefit of you
and for the loved ones around you now
all you need to do is smear your own poo
on a card and mail it to us yes we know
we do not expect you to enjoy this
process but it is a great way for you to
screen for colorectal cancer the pros
far outweigh the cons so please bear
with us now your poo of course has a
variety of different names some of which
are rather non-technical but for the
purposes of this video we will continue
to just call it poo now while you’re
taking this test you can eat and drink
as you normally do except for citrus
fruits and juices do not eat or drink
anything citrus starting from 3 days
before you take the test until the time
you’ve got your samples in the mailbox
this includes all vitamin C supplements
oranges or grapefruit and orange or
grapefruit juice this is your poo
collection card as you can see it has
three separate flaps for the three
different samples you will be taking
when you feel the urge to make poo fill
out the date and time on the first flap
if I were you I’d make sure to fill out
the card first as it may be sort of icky
to do so after you’ve smeared poo on it
now we need to prepare your toilet your
toilet water needs to be clean with no
chemical agents in the water if water
blue no good for poo now take a sheet of
plastic wrap or a few layers of paper
towels and float this on the surface of
the toilet water allow it to stick to
the sides of the toilet bowl you are now
prepared to have a bowel movement put
the seat down sit on it and let er rip
when you are done
lift up the flap of the poo collection
card and you will see these two boxes
take one of the applicator sticks and
take a small sample from one part of
your poo and smear it on the first box
in the card and then take a sample from
another part of your poo and smear it in
the second box in the card now here’s
the part you were waiting for throw the
little stick away remove the plastic
wrap from the toilet and throw that away
you can now flush your toilet and I
wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to take
out your garbage now either
anyway repeat this process with the
other two poof sample tabs over the next
few days whenever you need to have a
bowel movement but just make sure you
collect all the samples within seven
days when you have all of the samples
seal it up and send it to us whatever
your background or medical history is
screening for colorectal cancer will
help keep you happy and healthy so don’t
delay specialists are standing by now
looking forward to looking at your poo