Best Time of Day to Take a Pregnancy Test

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  1. Vrush says:

    Hi, My LMP was on 14 Feb’17 and when I did UPT this month on 20 Mar’17 it gave me a slight Pink line and when done USG doc referred it as a slight sac like structure with some 4.2 mm thickness and they treated it as Pseudo sac. To confirm the Pregnancy we did Blood test i.e. Beta HCG test, and the result came as 119 unit. Am i really a Pregnant with a healthy baby…as I am eagerly waiting for some positive Preg test, I’m bit worried now! Please comment

    • Diagnosis of pseudo-gestational sac is difficult at week 5, an intrauterine fluid collection does not show a yolk sac at a beta-HCG level >2000.
      HCG level 119 after week 5 is considered within reported normal ranges (100 – 10,000).
      Recommended to:
      Wait and retest HCG every 48 hour and ultrasound to decide if you have a viable or non-viable pregnancy.
      Take a look at other topics about HCG levels chart.

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